Thursday, November 30, 2006

This is Your Brain on Violence

by Karen Springen, Newsweek, 11/28/06
"The first study to look at the direct effect of videogames on teen brains documents functional differences between violent and nonviolent play."

Thursday, November 23, 2006


"Bridging the gap between gaming and education."
Teaching guides on this site are for K-Grad School. Teachers who use video games in the classroom and incorporate them in the standards based curriculum have posted their guides here that are free for all to use.

See also: bibliographic gaming blog
(for librarians interested in using games to teach)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Warcraft Social Network

"Warcraft Social Network is a social utility that connects you with other players in the game. . ."

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

MTV and Nexon to partner

Reuters, 11/16/06
"Youth entertainment group MTV Networks said on Thursday it would partner with South Korea-based game publisher Nexon to market Nexon's games in North America and have Nexon enhance its existing youth-oriented Internet site."

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Celebrate National Games Week

National Games Week runs November 19-25, 2007.

Second Life resident and gamer librarian Eiseldora Reisman has organized a slew of events in OPAL Online/Second Life. A partial listing follows; more updates to come!

Sunday November 19, 1:00PM
-- "An Interview with Mark Simmons"
Mark is the founder of National Games Week Founder
faciliated by Eiseldora Reisman , Second Life
Location: Second Life Library 2.0, Info Island 91, 193 33

Monday November 20, 5:00PM -- Nick deKunter, "Making Educational Games"
Nick is the Vice President of Muzzy Lane and Designer of Making History
Location: OPAL presentation, (audio simultaneously broadcast in Second Life)

Wednesday November 22, 1:00PM -- Virtual Bacon, "Second Life Game Design"
Virtual is the program director of the Game & Simulation Department at DeVry University
and owner of imagiLEARNING and working on PhD in Games and Learning
Location: OPAL presentation,

Wednesday November 22, 5:00PM -- Cerulean Vesparia, "Games by the Numbers"
Cerulean is a librarian and advocate of gaming in libraries.
Cerulean Vesperia, Librarian at Info Island, delivers a presention on video and tabletop gaming statistics as part of National Games Week. Discover why games matter, discuss the benefits of playing games, and get empowered to harness this interactive format for programming, collections, and services that meet the needs of gamers of all ages in all types of libraries!
Location: Second Life Library 2.0, Info Island 91, 193 33

Friday November 24, TBD -- Eiseldora Reisman, "Relation Between Online Environments and Tabletop Games"
Eiseldora is a librarian and advocate of gaming in libraries, and the author of the Mario Brothers Memorial Public Library webpage.
Location: OPAL presentation,

Friday November 24, TBD -- Paul Schwarzwalder, "Game Design Q&A"
Location: OPAL presentation,

Friday November 21, 5:00 PM -- Talon Lardner, "Role Playing in Second Life"
Talon is a Second Life Roleplayer with theStarfleet Second Life Quadrant where she assists with the Medical and Activity division
Location: Second Life Library 2.0, Info Island 91, 193 33

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Video Game News, Week of November 2, 2006

Video Games Seek to Build Your Social Awareness
by Chuck McCutcheon Newhouse News Service 11/2/06
"If you're a video game player whose social conscience isn't fulfilled by shooting villains or scoring points, your options are expanding: You can broker a Middle East peace deal, run a drought-stricken African farm or pick fruit as a migrant worker."

Friday, November 03, 2006

Runescape Discussion Group

Runescape discussion group at Lackman Branch Library in Johnson County, Kansas Chris Koppenhaver, Youth Services Librarian, gathered Runescape players together to exchange information, swap stories and brag. Chris describes the event in his own words at