Friday, October 19, 2007

A new issue of The Daedalus Project is now available


A new issue of The Daedalus Project is now available at:

Also, several new surveys are available for current MMORPG players. You can participate at:

As the number of MMOs and MMO portals increase, your help in publicizing the link to the current surveys goes a long ways in sustaining this line of research. Any help is much appreciated.

Also, if you run into any errors, typos, or are confused by anything in the surveys, please email me to let me know.

Nick Yee

Monday, October 01, 2007

A quick guide to Gaming and Libraries

"Here’s a quick guide to some of the resources available related to the gaming in libraries meme."

Library of Congress to Preserve Virtual Worlds

by Guy Lamolinara, Library of Congress, 8/3/07
"The Preserving Virtual Worlds project will explore methods for preserving digital games and interactive fiction. Major activities will include developing basic standards for metadata and content representation and conducting a series of archiving case studies for early video games, electronic literature and Second Life, an interactive multiplayer game. Second Life content participants include Life to the Second Power, Democracy Island and the International Spaceflight Museum."

Cinema Gamr

Check out this site whose goal is to collect video game cinematics (basically "the in-game generated movie that is used in video games to help tell a story, further a plot, guide a user to view or do something or a way to show of in-game features").