Sunday, April 15, 2007

Video of How They Got Game program @ Stanford

Video of How They Got Game program @ Stanford

How They Got Game workshop with Daniel Huebner, Wednesday the 4th of April 2007 at 3pm on the 4th floor of Wallenberg Hall at Stanford University

Speaker Bio:
Daniel Huebner is director of community affairs at Linden Lab, where he seeks to bring a modicum of order to the virtual world of Second Life — without stifling its essential creativity. Previous, Daniel was a journalist, editor, and analyst for several publications, including stints at the helm of Game Developer magazine and

Second Life is redefining the rules of online worlds, and in the process invaliding many of of the strategies that have thus far been used to govern online spaces. With it's mix of anonymity, real money, emergent social order, and rampant creativity, Second Life presents a potent blend for anyone hoping to bring order to the inherent chaos. From the beginning, Linden Lab has pursued a less-is-more philosophy, avoiding the urge to created strict rules and policies in favor of relying on social pressure and communication to instill values and norms into a new community. As the world of Second Life grows past four million Residents, new approaches to dispute resolution, identity, and trust are being added to Linden's toolbox.

These workshops are open to all interested parties with a strong interest in topics surrounding new media, technology, and design. They offer the chance to hear talks by industry professionals and seasoned academics, but also offer the rare opportunity for one-on-one questions as well as collaborative work.

How They Got Game is a research project at the Stanford Humanities Lab dedicated to the historical investigation of computer games and other related interactive technologies. Its diverse membership possesses varying academic interests ranging from machinima, virtual worlds and interactive storytelling.

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