Monday, July 23, 2007

Eli Neiburger, AADL: "Tournament Games for Any Occassion: Choosing the Right Games for your Audience

Things to consider when choosing a game for a tournament
  • Audience
    • what age/gender?
  • Appeal
    • fun factor
  • Recognition
    • pick a game people know
  • Logistics/Matches
    • short rounds
    • multiplayer
  • Flexibilibity/Options
  • Victory Conditions
    • something that experts and novices have a chance at
  • Appropriateness/Rating
    • highly subjective, but it is a hot button issue at the moment
  • Accessibility
    • to people who haven't played
    • pick something that appeals to hardcore and beginning players
    • create an atmospshere where they feel comfortable sucking!
  • Hipness
    • something that people feel cool playing
  • Angstiness
    • high appeal, but can't be so dark you can't see it

  • Rabidty of Fanbase
    • if you pick a game that is played in World Championship, you have rule sets easily available.
    • SuperSmash Brothers is a great tournament game
  • Depth/Mastery
    • Pick a game that you can always get better at
    • pick a game that is repeatable

The Genre Landscape
Just like books, there are many genres! Game has a very deep video game taxonomy.

Eli provided a quick tutorial on game ratings, and gave a reminder that online play may change the rating of the game. His slide on Trite Generalizations on why kids play games was terribly funny.

Having no "M" rated games is a great way to sidestep a number of issues. You can limit ages to the range on the box.

He did a speed overview of the good, the bad and the ugly on games within each genre... it was so fast, the best thing to do is grab slides at Or, buy his book!

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