Wednesday, September 05, 2007

de blob

Another exclusive from the Penny Arcade Expo. Coming in 2008, THQ is going to release a new game called de blob.

The game involves painting buildings, in a city that has lost all its color. Players are a paint blob, that can bounce onto buildings thus adding color. Starting with a primary color, you can add other paints to alter your coloring.

The demo I played had balanced wii mote controls, and was easy to learn. I didn't see much of a plot to the game, or goal, but I''m assuming this will be a fun game once completed.

Recently there was a independent PC game titled de Blob created by students to showcase a region of the Netherlands. I believe this is a remake of this title. See the video below created by Joystiq


Allan M. Kleiman said...


Up until this point, most libraries have been looking at gaming from the teen and adult point-of-view.

The Old Bridge NJ Public Library is planning to develop gaming activities for baby boomers and older adults. Our choice for gaming is Wii.

There have been several articles, including one in June in the New York Times, about Wii and older adults.

Has anyone done any of this type of gaming with this age group? I would like to chat and see how that has gone.

Allan M. Kleiman
Assistant Library Director
Project Manager, "Senior Spaces"
Old Bridge Public Library
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Kelly said...

The Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County had a state grant to develop gaming programs for adults that's not in its second year. Their presentation from the ALA Techsource Symposium, Gaming for Adults is here: The Schaumburg Public Library in IL had an intergenerational Wii event for grandparents day: