Friday, November 02, 2007

Girl Gaming by Ubisoft

Ubisoft, the developers of Prince of Persia, Rayman, and Beyond Good and Evil, have a new line of games for the DS designed specifically for girls. Each game lets girls explore the things they like to do, and focuses on a related career. You can choose from babysitting, fashion designer, animal doctor, or chef. I've not been able to play these games yet, but I'm curious about your opinions about this.

Do you think that girl gamers will like these games? Would you have played one when you were younger?

If you have a chance ask you teen girls what they think of these games I'm really curious about the reaction girls will have to this.


Azio said...

Hey! Theres plenty of girl gamers out there. You might have some problems finding them , but they are always at quakecon, E3, etc.

Ubisoft have been making great games for a long while and gaming is still in its infancy for "sexual equality"

One day, very soon, dev's like ubi are going to be moving up the ladder to a new way of marketing their games. A more equal product range. Will be interesting to see if they end up alienating their regular users!


jess said...

Honestly, I have not spoken to any of the teen girls who come to our library's gaming events, but personally, I find this type of thing demeaning. Yes, I like the typical "girl" games like the Sims, and Nintendogs, but those are not the only games I play, nor are those the only games that girls find interesting. Teen girls will probably find these games interesting, but I think they would be better served by being treated with a little bit more respect in all of the other new games that are out there.

terry said...

Well, I'm a boy gamer and I agree with Jess. I can't imagine a company saying that they are targeting girl gamers by making a babysitting game. The post mentions Beyond Good and Evil -- why not make more games like that? Strong female protagonist, good mix of combat, exploration, and free roaming, awesome story, etc.