Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Video Game News - Week of July 25

Ill. to Restrict Mature Video Games Sales
(AP) "
Gov. Rod Blagojevich on Monday signed a new law meant to keep adult video games away from minors, although similar measures in other states have been rejected by the courts..."

Techies: Video Games Need a Woman's Touch
"Tammy Yap, a game programmer for six years, once asked [that] of a colleague — after all, the skimpy clothing and exaggerated body parts might offend some women, she told him. His response: “What difference does it make? Women don’t play video games.”

Video Game Lures Youths to the Library
"The Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County is thinking out of the box -- XBox, that is -- to get more young adults into its facilities."


Anali said...

Just want to comment on the "Video games need more women." I went to a gaming convention recently and was once again reminded of the male majority in the gaming world. I'm spoiled in that so many of my female friends are gamers. I agree that the nudity can be off-putting, as well as violent themes (though violence in itself doesn't bother me, it's more of a context issue. It's fine to slay undead, demons or aliens with a variety of WMDs, but having to beat up someone to impress my gang buddies in GTA bothers me). Maybe we women gamers need to step up and make our voices heard...I know there's more of us out there than people think!

Beth Gallaway said...

There are! Check out http://www.gamegirlz.com