Saturday, October 01, 2005

Video Game News, October 1, 2005

Big News - My proposal for a book on video gaming in libraries was approved! Woo-hoo! So if you are interested in showcasing your idea, collection or program, send me an email.

AND I can now play most songs in DDR Ultramix on the Standard setting. Yeah baby!

I realize that what you are all really waiting for is the video game news from around the world, not from my personal list. I would post some right now, but I am leaving in 10 minutes to go see Serenity. Next update on Monday. I really do try to get here six days a week to do it, and thanks to John for beating me to the punch last week.


John Scalzo said...

Beth, that's awesome.

The world's greatest Video Game Librarian strikes again!

Beth Gallaway said...

Thanks! *blush*