Sunday, October 02, 2005

Video Game News, October 2, 2005

Best Buy Testing Sales of Used Video Games
Reuters 9/30/05
"Electronics retailer Best Buy Co. Inc. has begun testing the sale of used video games in a handful of its stores, Piper Jaffray analyst Anthony Gikas said in a client note on Friday."

Can Netflix Model Work With Video Games?
by Julie Tamaki, Los Angeles Times 10/1/05
"Sean Spector was sitting in his darkened bedroom at 2 a.m., engrossed in a marathon session on the video game "Halo," when he caught an entrepreneurial opportunity in his cross hairs: Why not do for gaming what Netflix had done for movies?"

New Video Games Mimic User's Moves and Boast Sharper Images
by Kensuke Nonami, The Asahi Shimbun 10/1/05
"At the Tokyo Game Show 2005, which closed on Sept. 18, major video-game developer Nintendo Co. released its next-generation remote-control device, which allows its operators' physical position to influence what they see on screen."

Hollywood's Bad Influence
by William Vitka, CBS 9/30/05
"GameSpot Senior Editor Jeff Gerstmann shares his woes and warnings with GameCore. "


Beth Gallaway said...

"The challenge of being a gamer is that you can never afford to play all the games you want to play..."

If this is in fact true, we are missing out on a HUGE audience by letting Netlix and Best Buy and retailers have the monopoly on getting games to consumers. If libraries can offer games for free, or rent for a nominal charge ($1 for a week, same as videos), we'll appeal to the next generation of library users and advocates.

Beth Gallaway said...

This just in: the used video game industry brings in $800 MILLION a year.

Anonymous said...

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