Friday, August 26, 2005

Video Game News, August 26, 2005

Research Shows Vast Majority of Children Play Video Games
GameInfoWire, 8/26/05
"Playing videogames has turned into one of the most important activities amongst children and young adults. According to a recent study by JuniorSenior Research amongst 4.000 children aged up to 15 years old, the majority (61 %) of boys and girls play games on a daily basis."

Some Video Games Have a Positive Side

by Kate Shatzkin, Baltimore Sun 8/26/05
Video games have been blamed for making kids fat, introducing them to sex and violence, luring them away from family conversations and shortening their attention spans."

China Blocks Online Gamers from Playing for More Than 3 Consecutive Hours
by Faye Wang, Interfax China, 8/23/05
The Chinese Government unveiled a new system Tuesday to prevent individuals from playing online games for more than three consecutive hours, which must be installed for every online game in the country."

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