Monday, August 29, 2005

Video Game News, August 29, 2005

Playing As The Bad Guy: Game Developers Sound Off
Gamecloud, 8/26/05
"So the question remains: Does playing a game where your character is outright breaking the law a good thing? Gamecloud decided to contact a number of game developers to get their opinions on the matter. The results were a little surprising with a number of different views on this subject."

The Video Game Librarian: GameFest and the Bloomington Public Library
Gaming Target, 8/26/05
"Kelly is no stranger to teens, video games and making one amazing program out of it at the library. With the help of Matt Gullett from the library's Information Tech Services department, Kelly created GameFest, a quarterly program where teens get together and play games, chat and eat pizza. I had a chance to talk with Kelly and Matt about what makes GameFest tick and how libraries and games can co-exist for a long, long time."

(Full disclosure time: The above article was written by me, John Scalzo, and my interview subject was Kelly Czarnecki, another contributor to Game On).

DDR Extreme Wins VMA Best Video Game Soundtrack
by Simon Carless, Gamasutra, 8/29/05
"MTV has announced the winners for its 22nd annual Video Music Awards, and Konami's Dance Dance Revolution Extreme came out the winner in a 'Best Video Game Soundtrack' category, which was largely devoted to licensed soundtracks rather than original scores."

Teacher Bucks Trend Blaming Video Games
by Greg Kilne, The News-Gazette Online, 8/28/05
"An American Psychological Association report released this month claims violent video games rub off on kids and make them more aggressive."

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