Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Video Game News, August 30, 2005

Changing the Game
by Kurt Squires, Innovate Journal of Online Education, 8/30/05
"Over the past few years, games have gone from social pariahs to the darlings of the media, technology, and now educational industries."

Video Games Blamed for Boys Poor Grades

by Ciara O'Brien, Electric News.net, 8/30/05
While girls use computers in their free time for homework and study, boys are opting to spend their spare time playing games, according to research carried out for the UK's Department for Education in Skills."

The Claim: Violent Video Games Make Young People Agressive

by Anahad O'Connor, New York Times, 8/30/05
THE FACTS Republicans and Democrats alike screamed government waste last March when a group of senators suggested spending $90 million to study how video games "and other electronic media" influenced children's behavior. Surely an important question, critics of the plan said, but $90 million?"

Video Games the Rage at the Park
by Kenya Woodward, Daytona Beach News, 8/30/05
Young Matt Mellow is eager to show off his well-honed video-gaming skills at the city's PlayStation Tournament next month -- and to shoot for prizes like Blockbuster Video Game gift cards."

Appetite for Simplicity Lands Old-School Video Games At Head of Class
by Justin Dickerson, USA Today, 8/30/05
You might not get much use out of your old Betamax video player or cassette recorder anymore, but if you hung onto your first video game console, you could be the hippest gamer on the block."

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