Monday, September 12, 2005

Video Game News, September 12, 2005

Video Games Take Mind Off Country's Troubles
by Doug Elfman,
Boston Herald 9/11/05
y family barely escaped Hurricane Katrina. They were on the road out of New Orleans when the storm began to destroy the city."

Granholm signs laws restricting minors' access to explicit video games
AP Detroit Free Press, 9/12/05

"Gov. Jennifer Granholm signed legislation that would make it illegal to sell or rent adult-rated video games to those 17 and younger."

Boseman Hopes Video Games Bill is Back in Play Next Session
by Mark Schreiner Star News Online (North Carolina) 9/12/05
"Sen. Julia Boseman, D-New Hanover, got almost everything she wanted out of the 2005 session of the General Assembly."

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