Monday, September 26, 2005

Video Game News: September 26, 2005

Unshelved Adds Video Games
by Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum, Unshelved 9/26/05
The popular library webcomic Unshelved has started a plotline about adding video games to their shelves.

The Video Game Librarian: The Novel Approach
by John Scalzo, Gaming Target 9/26/05
"If publishers took a trip down to their local library they could find hundreds of titles that would translate into great games."

Literary Games
by Aleks Krotoski, Guardian Gamesblog 9/12/05
"While computer games pilfer (and are pilfered for) the annals of Hollywood, there are scant few games in the vast library of interactive entertainment which take their inspiration from novels, pulp fiction, high-brow literature and other variations of the written word."

The Video-Game Novel Also Rises
by Clive Thompson, Wired 9/12/05
"When you wander into any Barnes & Noble, there are shelves groaning under the weight of books written from Resident Evil, Halo, Tomb Raider and MechWarrior. Consider it the ultimate port: cutting-edge digital entertainment delivered via a media platform that's 200 years old."

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