Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Video Game News, September 20, 2005

Avoiding Pokemon Seizures from Video Games, TV: Rapidly Flashing Lights May Trigger Rare Seizures, Experts Report
by Miranda Hitti, WebMD 9/20/05
"The Epilepsy Foundation has issued new guidelines to help avoid rare cases of seizures triggered by flickering lights from TV and video games."

Political Battles Against Video Games Heating Up Across the Nation:Michigan outlaws sale of violent, explicit games to minors; California may be next
by Stephen Totilo, MTVNews 9/19/05
"With the legal momentum against violent and sexually explicit video games picking up steam across the nation last week, some gamers may be wondering why so many politicians are picking on them these days."

Teens Play Violent Video Games

NewzTalk ZB 9/19/05
Parents are being told to wake up to not only what their children are watching, but also playing."

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