Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Video Game News, September 27, 2005

Video Games that Get Kids Attention Enhance Learning; Children put on helmets linked to sensors that monitor their brains
by Benjamin Pimental, San Francisco Chronicle 9/26/05
"Like many parents, Janet Herlihey tried her best to keep her kids away from video games."

To Tune In, Or Tune Out?
by Michelle Quinn and Mike Antonucci, A+E Interactive, 9/27/05
"...Anyone who keeps a kid on a media-free diet is committing a form of child abuse,'' says Henry Jenkins, a literature and media professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge.

Lawmakers Cracking Down on Video Games

by Lauren O. Kidd, Granite State Bureau 9/27/05
"Two New Jersey lawmakers don't think minors should be able to rent or purchase video games adorned with phrases such as "you'll have to rob, steal and kill just to stay out of serious trouble."

Video Games Can Actually Be Good For
by Mike Snider, USA Today 9/27/05
"Several times a week before dinner, Janet and Jim Herlihey of West Chester, Pa., remind their sons Michael, 12, and Paul, 10, to get in a good half-hour of video game time before eating

Save Money by Renting Video Games Online: This new game is kinder to your wallet
by Jim Robbins, CBS 2 Chicago 9/27/05
Video games seem to be a staple in lots of homes and gamers know it can get expensive to buy them. But as Jim Williams reports, a cheaper alternative is just a few mouse clicks away."

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