Saturday, July 01, 2006

Video Game News, July 1 2006: Seriouser & Seriouser

Can Social-Change Video Games Tackle Divorce, Poverty, Genocide?
by Stephen Tolito, MTV News 06/29/06
"...200 game developers, social activists and representatives for international groups from charities to the United Nations discussed, debated and demonstrated games designed to do good: fighting homelessness, promoting world peace and helping children deal with their parents' divorce."

Video Games Get Serious by Video Games Get Serious

Gary Shapiro, New York Sun 6/29/06
"One way in which the genre is becoming more serious is with nonviolent strategy games..."

Game Design: Getting Activist Video Games to Market
by Reena Jana, Business Week 6/30/06
"A popular online video game, Darfur is Dying, defies the generic first-person-shooter formula, placing players in the role of escaping violence rather than perpetrating it."

Indian Video Games Battle AIDS
by Mary K. Brunskill, All Headline News 6/29/06
"...ZMQ Software Systems says it plans to globally release four games that began as part of a effort to raise funds to increase HIV/AIDS awareness."

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