Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Video Game News, July 4, 2006

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The Family That Games Together
by Brett Oppegaard, the Columbian 7/2/06
"The Dukarts are among the third of American parents who now play video games, with 80 percent of those players involving their children... Gamers, regardless of age, typically play an hour a day, while parents and children are doing this activity together for an average of nine hours per month."

Video Games Take on Humanitarian Twist
Bureau Report, Zee News 7/4/06
"Scores of game designers and poliical activists gathered at Parsons The New School for Design at New York City recently to showcase games that are trying to save the world, by addressing issues as diverse as cybercrime, poverty, the death penalty and even the slack office culture at Kinko's stores."

Addicted to Video Games: Escape from Reality Often Stems from Depression, Leads to More Pain
by Laura Schreier, Dallas Morning News 7/3/06
"...experts say what starts as a harmless pastime can become an escape from reality -- an emotional coping mechanism -- that turns into an addiction."

Video Games to Lead Entertainment and Media Industry Growth
Digit 7/3/06
"The worldwide video game market should grow to $46 billion by 2010 from $27 billion in 2005, equating to an average 11.4 per cent compound annual rate, predicts PricewaterhouseCoopers in its latest report on the global entertainment and media (E&M) industry"

Violent Video Games Make Room for Morality
by Dave Thomas, The Grand Rapids Press 7/3/06
"Two recent games from Eidos provide the perfect chance to consider the whole regime of killing and wonder about all that on-screen hurting."

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