Sunday, July 09, 2006

Video Game News, July 9 2006

Top 11 Weird Games
Inside the Game video presented by: Verizon
"Katamari is one of the strangest and best games EVER."

Animation: an Interdisciplinary Journal
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Ub Iwerks’ (Multi)Plain Cinema J.P. Telotte
Image Future Lev Manovich
Platonic Sex: Perversion and Shôjo Anime (Part 1) Thomas Lamarre
Critique of the New Historical Landscape of South Korean Animation Joon-Yang Kim
Comics and the Critique of Chronophotography, or ‘He Never Knew When It Was Coming!’ Scott Bukatman
The Cathedral Is Alive: Animating Biomimetic Architecture Dennis Dollens

Viscious Videos
by Diane Swanbrow, University of Michigan News Service
"U-M Researches have been investigating the impact of media violence on children."

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