Monday, August 14, 2006

Playing with Pyramids

Looney Labs is a game company that makes some fun, fast-paced, light hearted games. One of my favorites is Fluxx, but at Gen-Con this year I finally sat down to play one of their Icehouse games. These games use plastic pyramids of three varying shapes. Treehouse was the first one I played where players take turns moving a stack of three pyramids (starts stacked small on medium, on a large) to match a designated pattern in the middle (large on its side facing out, small in the middle upright, and medium on its side facing out) Players take turns rolling a die that tells them how to move the pieces. This was a fun game in itself, but these pyramid pieces can be used for more than just Treehouse. Over the years the mind behind Looney Labs, Andy Looney, has opened the game to fans who have created their own games. Now there are hundreds of games you can play with these pieces, some of which have been highlighted in a book sold by Looney Labs.

This game is accessible to all ages. I would recommend libraries who are looking for something to interest patrons purchasing either one set of Treehouse or five. (with five you can play almost any icehouse game) This would make a great table top program, and allow patrons to also create their own games and submit them to looney labs.

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