Friday, August 04, 2006

Video Game News Week of July 30, 2006

Advice to Parents: Know your video games
AP 8/5/06
"Craig Anderson, an Iowa State University psychologist, says parents need to do more than consider a game's age-based rating before putting it into the hands of children. They actually need to play the game, he says, or watch as it's demonstrated."

Are Violent Video Games Really a Problem?
by Candace Lombardi, CNET News 8/2/06
"Mature video games are not a problem for today's youth, but that doesn't stop them from being an attractive topic for politicians, according to panelists and audience members at Siggraph 2006 on Wednesday."

Video Games Gain in Reality. But Fantasy Counts
by Jake Halpern, NPR All Things Considered 8/3/06
"Recently, a new computer chip called the PhysX was unveiled. It's for video games, and it was designed to make them feel more realistic because it helps the objects you see on the screen follow the laws of real-world physics."

Video games used to help Buffs study the game
by Jeffrey Wolf, 9News/ABC 8/3/06
" The Colorado Buffaloes have been using a new tool to help them improve their play offensively on the field before fall camp starts next week -- video games."

PRESS RELEASE: Linden Lab Introduces Expressive Puppeteering to Second Life; Realtime, Spontaneous Movement Brings Real-Life Expression to Second Life Avatars

Yahoo! Biz 8/1/06

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