Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Video Game News, week of August 14, 2006

The Escapist issue 58: Ubisoft: Ubi, Uber, Uni

Gamasutra Podcast: Video Games Live Interview
Gamasutra 8/16/06
"Today's edition of the Gamasutra Podcast features an in-depth interview with Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall of the Video Games Live game concert event."

Video Games: A Force for Good?
WTOP News 8/16/06
"The latest positive pursuits in games are as diverse as burning calories, fighting cancer and tackling the Israeli-Palestinian conflict."

Games Won't Create Monsters, Just Engaged Players

Denver Post 8/20/06
"Video games have grown from a nerdy pursuit largely enjoyed by children and adults who act like children to a mainstay of global entertainment."

Tech Talk: Video Games Promote Social Change
by Adam Balkin,News 14 Carolina 8/8/06
"Death Penalty for Fun.” "Darfur Is Dying." These are not the names of scathing, investigative reports on hotly debated global issues. They’re actually video games..."

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