Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Is WOW just a game-or something more?

By Steven Levy, Newsweek, September 18 2006 issue
"What distinguishes Warcraft from previous blockbuster games is its immersive nature and compelling social dynamics."

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Jami said...

For me WOW is something more than just a game. Its a virtual environment where I can be something more than a student. Experience is gained though time spent on a different playing field than in a business world of the United States. It provides the opportunity to live a life separate from daily life. I know that can make many people uncomfortable, but it is the same discomfort felt when farmer's children moved to urban civilization in search of new adventures. The only difference I see is that the virtual society in World of Warcraft and other MMORPGs runs parallel to the world of everyday life.

The environment of WOW requires skills that are essential for out of game experience as well. Working in groups, managing money for wants and needs, balancing one's time between work and relationships, and even basic economy, all play a part in interacting in the environment. While some may see it as negative, in fact WOW is neutral, and what is positive or negative is the uses of it. Families are playing together while living miles and even countries apart. Professional are able to spend time with colleagues from home. Blizzard has a great Parental Controls feature that allows parents to have more control over the amount of time their children spend in the game. Lastly World of Warcraft is a game where everyone has an equal chance to find a place to belong. Diversity is encourage, and supported. Growth is reflected of the players skill level and experience in game.