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Video Game News, Week of August 28, 2006

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Teaching Video Games Book to Debut in US
by Beth A. Dillon, Gamasutra 8/30/06
"The book provides an introduction to teaching with videogames, offering practical advice on classroom approaches and clear reference to critical and theoretical writing."

Researchers Test Effectiveness of Online Video Games in School History Lessons
MSN 9/1/06
"Technical college students may no longer be scolded for playing video games in class, but actually be encouraged to do so, as researches test the effectiveness of game-based history lessons."

Art of the Game
by Alexa Moses and Elicia Murray, Sydney Morning Herald 9/2/06
"It may sound innocuous, but Kelman's assertion that the storylines, complex characters, sound, music and breathtaking visuals in games make them valid artworks is controversial, even among gamers."

Real World Governor Speaks in Second Life
Joystiq, 9/1/06
"Former Virginia Governor and potential 2008 presidential candidate Mark Warner became the first politician to make a public appearance in an MMO yesterday, speaking to a small crowd of avatars in Second Life on issues ranging from the Iraq war to abortion."

PRESS RELEASE: Stroke Therapy Uses Video Games
United Press International 8/30/06
"Virtual rehabilitation gives therapists new tools to do their jobs more effectively and engages patients who may otherwise lack interest or motivation to complete normal exercise regimens."

Video Games Giving Players Directorial Try
Washington Times, 8/28/06
"What has become known as machinima, the use of such games for creating movie re-enactments or videos, has grown in such bounds it has been featured in both commercials and videos and spawned an official Machinima Academy of Arts and Sciences."

Back to School Means Video Games Take Back Seat to Homework
by Leslie Brody, The Record 8/30/06
"Come September, many parents vow to pull the plug on kids who have been pounding away on video games through the hazy days of vacation

Violent Games Ban Overturned by Yet Another US State Court. 8/31/06
"A judge in the US has said that violent video games represent free speech and their sale to minors must not be banned. "Depictions of violence are entitled to full constitutional protection," said Judge James Brady."

Star Quality in Video Games
by Christian Toto, The Washington Times, 8/25/06
"It isn't just out-of-work actors and former A-listers lending their voices to video games today."

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