Thursday, September 07, 2006

Video Game News, Week of September 4, 2006

The Escapist Issue #61: Sixteen Ton - Whaddaya Get? now available.

"We Live Here: Games, Third Places and the Information Architecture of the Future.
by Andrew Hinton, Bulletin of the American Society for Information Sciences and Technology August/September 2006

"Grand Theft Education"
Jane Avrich, Steven Johnson, Raph Koster, Thomas de Zengotita, and Bill Wasik, Harpers September 2006

Some Games May Enhance Sociability.
Technology: Your Digital World, CNN. 9/6/06
"Video games involving multiple players serve as informal gathering places akin to old-time pubs and coffee shops, and can thereby boost the players' social connections, researchers argue in a new study."

Sector Wrap: Video Games
by Barbara Ortutay, AP Business Week Online 9/8/06
"Sony Corp. plans to ship two million of its long-awaited next-generation gaming console, PlayStation 3, to stores worldwide by Dec. 31."

Podcast: Not Satisfied with Video Games on the Market? Design Your Own
Voice of America News 9/7/06
"Microsoft is offering a computer program for making video games. The XNA Game Studio Express tools are free for download on computers with Windows XP systems to create games."

Islamogaming: Looking for Video Games in the Muslim World
by Ed Halter, ExtremeTech 9/9/06
"In summer 2006, an Iranian political group called the Union of Islamic Student Societies revealed that it was planning on entering the video-game business."

Are Some Video Games Gambling? Teen Makes $35,000 in Video Game, Now the Taxman Cometh
by Jonathan Silverstein, ABC news 9/8/06
"Whoever said "you won't get rich playing video games," never played Entropia Universe — an online computer game where players adventure, build, buy and sell everything from real estate and services to weapons and armor for real dollars."

Campaigner Pins Latest Shooting on Video Games
OUT-LAW News, 08/09/2006
"Games campaigner Jack Thompson believes that last week's school shooting in North Carolina was caused by the teenager involved playing violent video games. Thompson is the lawyer behind a suit against Take Two games over its upcoming title Bully."

Academic to Study Effects of Violent Video Games
The New Zealand Herald 9/10/006
"Waikato academic Gareth Schott has been given a $140,000 grant to run two video game clubs for teenagers so that he can observe their behaviour in a natural environment."

ESPN Video Games Channel Launches On ESPN.COM

Game Infowire 9/7/06
"Developed in collaboration with Ziff Davis Game Group, the co-branded section delivers sports video game-focused content including sports video game news and reviews, trailers, audio and video podcasts, industry analysis, interviews and more."

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