Friday, September 29, 2006

Video Game News, Week of September 25, 2006

The Escapist, Issue 64: Hands-On Gaming

Living a Second Life
the Economist 9/28/06
"But increasing numbers use Second Life for things that are quite serious. They form support groups for cancer survivors. They rehearse responses to earthquakes and terrorist attacks. They build Buddhist retreats and meditate."

Online Games With a Difference
News 24 9/26/06
"Trion World Network Inc wants to publish and develop online games that can be changed, even on a daily basis. Its goal is to establish a platform for an online network of different games, allowing people to ask, "What's on tonight?""

Video Games Help Carry Japanese Pop Culture West
By Lou Kesten, AP 9/27/06
"For a few generations now, video games have been a Trojan horse for Japanese culture in the United States."

Gameworld: Older Women Rule ... the casual games market
By Lisa Baertlein, Reuters 9/28/06
"Middle-aged" women rule the $458 million U.S. online casual game market that features quick games that can be picked up and played for a few minutes or a few hours at a sitting."

How the Generations Demonise Video Games (audio)
SBS Radio 9/27/06
"n this look at Language and Identity, Adam Connors speaks to Anthony Hetrih and Margaret Pomeranz about how both ignorance, and even legislation, continues to demonise video gaming in Australia."

DFC: Games Industry Worth $44 bln in 2011
by Kris Graf, Next Generation 9/26/06
"A new series of reports from videogame market research firm DFC Intelligence forecasts the interactive entertainment industry to grow from $29 billion in 2005 to $44 billion in 2011."

How Video Games Became the Boogeyman Over Time
by Tom Leupold, Inside Bay Area 9/22/06
"In his research, titled "A Brief Social History of Game Play," Williams recounts that video games began as an adult pastime, with the earliest arcade machines appearing in bars and nightclubs... they were patronized by a mix of ages and ethnicities, and weren't particularly viewed as kids' entertainment."

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