Friday, November 04, 2005

"The Escapist #17 Women in Games Now Available

The new issue of the Escapist Magazine examins girls and gaming. Chris Crawford gives a history lesson of the evolution of men and women to justify why women prefer social reasoning games; Bonnie Ruberg writes about heroic women and damsels in distress in the survival horror genre; Pat Miller interviews Rachel Chai about working at Gamestop and the pressure of having to justify and prove one's worth as a girl gamer; M. Junaid Alam addresses stereotypes in gaming and challenges designers to stop "the age-old denigration of women that's marred gaming for years;" and Danielle "Sanchant" Vanderlip waxes nostalgiac about her involvement in gaming "since its inception," and how her experiences have shaped what she will instill in bher gamer daughters. Read it online at

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