Monday, November 28, 2005

Video Game News, November 28, 2005

Game Theory: Video game reviewers need to convey how games bring people together
by Daniel Oppenheimer, Valley Advocate News 11/24/05
"To my mind, most of what is written about video gaming misses an essential part of the experience of playing video games: the social interaction it fosters among enthusiasts."

US Army Cuts Teeth on Video Game: Novice players master everything from driving to basic first aid
by Clark Boyd, BBC 11/25/05
"America's Army is one of the most popular computer games on the planet and like many games, it is a shoot-em-up, get-the-bad guys kind of affair. "

Violence Under the Tree: Family Media Guide Identifies Top 10 Ultra-Violent Video Games of 2005
Family Friendly Media Guide 11/28/05
"At the start of this year's holiday shopping frenzy, parents should be prepared to check their kids' gift lists very carefully. Because this year, some of the most ultra-violent video games ever created are being made available."

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