Sunday, November 20, 2005

Video Game News, November 19, 2005

Man Sentenced for Selling Pirated Video Games
by Margaret Zack, Star Tribune 11/18/05
"A man who was selling pirated video games at the Mall of America received some face time as well as prison time when he was sentenced for criminal copyright infringement in federal court in Minneapolis on Friday."

Video Games
by Mike Musgrove, Washington Post 11/20/05
"One of the more odious holiday-season tasks in the modern era might be having to buy video games for kids (or adults) when you're a grown-up who couldn't care less about the annoying things."

Three New Video Games Are Designed to Make You Sweat
by Matt Segal, AP 11/18/05
"There's nothing too physically demanding about most video games. A few manufacturers, however, have decided the only proper way to enjoy one is to break a sweat."

Researcher Aims to Prove That Video Games Are Addictive
by Craig Morris, Heise Online 11/17/05
"Researcher Sabine Grüsser-Sinopoli of Berlin's Charité University Clinic presented images from games sequences to a group of gamers."

Industries Find Serious Uses for Video Games: Video games used for military, job training experience

by Mary Beth Lehman, The Ball State Daily News 11/17/05
"Video games aren’t just for fun anymore. The expanding genre of serious games can effectively help to train workers in some of the nation’s most important industries including defense, education, health care and marketing."

The Most Shocking Moments in Video Games
By Alice Hill, RealTechNews 11/16/05
"I am a sucker for these types of round-ups, which is why I loved finding The Most Shocking Moments in Video Games from a little blog called MyGadgetBag."

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