Friday, November 25, 2005

Video Game News, November 25, 2005

Video Games Popular With More Than Just Kids
by Venton D. Blandin, WCAV 11/23/05
"Topping many Christmas lists this year will be video games, and while you think kids are they only ones interested, think again. The future of video gaming is now, and it may just surprise you who is catching on."

Game for gaming? Quebec's video game industry still blowing up big
by Amy German 11/24/05
"After a visit to the crowded Montreal International Game Summit, there is no denying just how big the video game industry has become here in Montreal."

Many video games teaching the wrong lessons

by Silvio Laccetti and Nicholas Rehder, Asbury Park Press 11/25/05
"Ever since their escape from the arcades, electronic video games have claimed increasing shares of leisure time for teens and tweens (11-12 years old) from the tedium of homework, parental control and unfulfilling daily life."

When The Other Woman's An Xbox: Gaming Gripes Go Online: Group helps Kansas State University students suffering gaming-induced relationship heartache.
by Megan Hockman and Clinton Smith, MTV News 11.18.2005
"When Jake Walker upsets his girlfriend, Jaci Boydston, he might buy her flowers. When Jaci feels she owes an apology to Jake, she agrees to play a round of the Nintendo fighting game "Super Smash Brothers."

PRESS RELEASE: Nintendogs Cements Nintendo's Position As Leader Of Handheld Video Games

Games Press 11/25/2005
"25th November 2005 - Nintendo has always led the way in innovation, ever since it first entered the handheld gaming arena over 25 years ago."

PRESS RELEASE: Barbie Remains Top Toy for Girls, Video Games Top List for Boys

National Retail Federation 11/16/05
"Parents won’t have to guess too hard when it comes to buying the hottest toys for their kids this holiday season. This year, video games and game units will be at the top of many children’s wish lists. "

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