Friday, November 18, 2005

Video Game News: November 18, 2005

The Video Game Librarian: A Librarian's Look at the Xbox 360 Launch
by John Scalzo, Gaming Target 11/16/05
"With the Xbox 360 launching any day now it's time to give a look at how building a game collection from start with this new format would work. Like what are the strongest launch titles? What will be replaced with a more "next-gen" product in the future? And, like any video game launch, which titles will be relegated to the dustbin of history?"

The Matrix Online Adds Ads To Their Online World
GameZone 11/18/05
"Real-world advertisements will begin appearing on billboards around the Mega City after Update 38 goes live. Just like real-world billboards, they’ll change to feature new advertisements over time. (Don’t worry: Your favorite ads for Slumberil, The Sentinel, etc., will remain a part of the game.) These static advertisements will not affect game performance in any way."

Microsoft's Moore Refutes Xbox 360 Conspiracy Theories
Simon Carless, Gamasutra 11/18/05
"Talking to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Moore commented: "I've seen all of the conspiracy theories. Somewhere in Roswell, New Mexico, we have a hangar where we're stockpiling it, creating false shortages. No." He went on to indicate that the company is "...trying to get as many units to retail as we possibly can.""

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