Sunday, June 18, 2006

Second Life in the News

PODCAST: Second Life Primer (19 minutes, 40 seconds long)
by CC Chapman, Managing the Gray 6/11/06
"You can go into Second Life and stand still... forever. not move and you can still have a good experience. All right, not a very rich and engaging experience, but you could... and thus, it's a not a game... well, yeah, there's sex going in on Second Life, but have you seen how much sex is going on on ithe web in general? C'mon, people..."

The Irresistible Rise of Cybersex
by Celeste Biever, New Scientist. 6/15/06
"Now some gamers are using these programming tools to give their avatars genitalia and erotic outfits, and to have them engage in animated cybersex."

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