Monday, June 05, 2006

Video Game News, June 6, 2006

The Escapist, issue #48: Snowy Day now available at; abstracts of articles at

Video Games in Congress' Crosshairs
by Anne Broache, CNET 6/2/06
"A U.S. House of Representatives committee on consumer protection says it will hold a hearing on the topic later this month, with a focus on "informing parents and protecting children" from the alleged dangers of those types of games."

Muslims Craft Their Own Video Games
by Rhonda Roumani, The Christian Science Monitor 6/5/06
"Set to be released in September, "Al-Quraysh" is a strategy game that tells the story of the first 100 years of Islam's history from the viewpoint of four different nations - Bedouins, Arabs, Persians, and Romans."

Police Search Murder Suspect for Video Games
by Nick Farrell, the Enquirer 6/4/06
"The police were apparently acting on the suggestion of Jack Thompson..."

Video Games seized From Teen’s Home

by James Minton, the LA Advocate, 6/5/06
"Jack Thompson of Coral Gables, Fla., said Friday he suggested that West Feliciana Parish sheriff’s detectives look at the violent video game angle as a possible motive because published reports of Gore’s injuries “raised a red flag” in his, Thompson’s, mind."

Will Teenagers Play Religion-Themed Video Games?
by Dawn C. Chmielewski, Los Angeles Times 6/5/06
"As the video game industry gathers at the Los Angeles Convention Center this week for the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, a devout group of publishers is praying for a direct strike on their elusive target: the eternal souls of game players."

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