Thursday, June 01, 2006

Game Review Online for Families

"But other than that this game is perfectly harmless and can be enjoyed by people of all ages." Said Dove about Need for Speed Underground 2

"THE DOVE FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization established to encourage and promote the creation, production and distribution of wholesome family entertainment."

I was very glad to find this today.
I had know about Common Sense Media, which is best for younger children, and Game Rankings, which complies industry reviews.

The Dove is traditionally a Christian Symbol so it is nice to see games be recognized by a conservative representative

It does have its downsides. Fable was created by a Christian game developer, to show the effects of our choices, and how far people can back slide. It is a Roleplaying game, but it is an amazing game. Dove does not approve this game as Family-friendly because: " First of all there is excessive violence in this game including beheading, blood, and various forms of violence. Also, there is a magic element where you conjure spells hurting others." This is just like my mother who wouldn't let me see the lion the witch and the wardroom because it had a witch in it.

I think this will be another great source for evidence on including it in libraries though.

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