Thursday, June 29, 2006

Video Game News. June 28 2006

Final Papers from COMM 3344: Games for the Web (Interactive multimedia)

Game Designers Try to Help Save the World
Reuters 6/28/06
"Parents may worry that violent video games are bad for their children, but the technology can help save the world by raising awareness of the world's downtrodden, a group of socially conscious game designers say."

The Escapist Issue #51: It Came From The Escapist
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Welcome to the Bran and Flaxseed World of Video Games
by Ben Grabow, Scripps Howard News Service 6/28/06
"Nintendo is looking to teach an old generation some new games."

'Ethical' Computer Games Take on Shoot-'em-up Classics
By Jack Fairweather, 6/29/06
"Help is at hand for parents worried about the violent computer games their children play. "Ethical" computer games are finding a toe-hold in a market dominated by shooting and fighting."

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