Saturday, June 17, 2006

Video Game News, June 17, 2006

Is it time for video games to take on current events?
Inside Bay Area 6/16/06
"GAMES usually only make the news when they're about something a certain segment of the nongame-playing public can feel righteously indignant about."

Video-Game Ratings Board Admits Not Playing the Games: Watchdogs say inappropriate content is slipping past reviewers.
Focus on the Family Citizen Link 6/15/06
"Bob Hoose, who reviews video games for Plugged In magazine, told Family News in Focus that while it would be helpful to families if the ESRB did a better job, the ultimate responsibility falls to parents."

Government Committee Holds Hearing on Video Games: Violent and explicit games are once again a topic of discussion in Washington.
by Li C. Kuo, GameSpy June 14, 2006
"Today, the Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade, and Consumer Protection began a hearing titled "Violent and Explicit Video Games: Informing Parents and Protecting Children.""

Video Games As Simulatorsby Mike, TechDirt 6/15/06
With politicians again freaking out about the impact of video games on kids, there are two interesting stories today about how video games may be helping kids. The first is a middle school where an English teacher is using video games to keep kids interested, while teaching them about concepts like setting, plot and story line."

Louisiana Guv Signs Jack Thompson Video Game Bill Into Law - Industry Lawsuit Expected
Game Politics 6/16/06
"As of today, there is a violent video game law in effect in Louisiana."

Video Games Seen as Way to Train, Learn
by Christine Simmons, The Washington Times 6/15/06
"Video games may not belong in the home anymore: Students and employees in the future should be able to use them to learn and train. "

Midlands Students Studying Video Games
by Chantelle Janelle, WIS TV10 6/15/06
"The teens are learning about the technology used in designing games. They find out how math and science are used to make the games come to life."

Grant Funds Video Games for the Mind: OU’s K20 Center receives grant, places students at helm of game design
by Heather Caliendo, OU Daily 6/13/06
"“We have received a grant from the U.S. Department of Education specifically to develop a computer game for Oklahoma students in the eighth and ninth grade to augment their curriculum,” said Martin Cole, computer engineering junior. “The rest of the game development is up to us.”"

Teen Drives Into Career With Video Games
AP 6/14/06
"For Brad Coleman, all those hours locked away in his bedroom helped turn his hopes into reality...two weeks after graduating from high school, Coleman debuted in NASCAR's Busch Series."

First Conference on Sex in Video Games Titillates Fans and Developers
by David Silverberg, Digital Journal 6/14/06
"...the two-day symposium explored issues surrounding digital erotic entertainment, including the psychology behind foreplay in online worlds and the future of sex in cellphone games."

Company wants to harness brain waves to play video games
by Dean Takahashi, Knight Ridder Newspapers 6/14/06
"At least two start-ups have developed technology that monitors a player's brain waves and uses the signals to control the action in games.

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