Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Video Game News May 31, 2006

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Avatar-Based Marketing
by Paul Hemp, Harvard Business Review June 2006
"Residents spend—in Linden dollars, the local currency, available at in-world ATMs—the equivalent of $5 million a month on resident-to-resident transactions for in-world products and services. Certainly, introducing real-world brands, in some form or another, is a logical next step."

Boys Exhibit High Literacy skills with video games: Researchers claim students' literate lives not being recognized
Vancouver Sun 5/31/06
"Teachers and parents who dismiss video game playing as a futile and even dangerous pastime for boys are failing them, new literacy research suggests."

New Law Concerning Violent Video Games
KOTV 6 5/31/06
"Governor Brad Henry is expected to sign a bill this week that would restrict the access of children to violent video games. The question is what's violent?"

Nintendo Rebrands Games for Wider Demographic Appeal
by Jennifer LeClaire, TechNewsWorld 05/31/06
"In a move to appeal to a wider audience, Nintendo Latest News about Nintendo is rebranding a portion of its line of handheld gaming titles...the Touch Generations brand will include titles that anyone can pick up and play, even with little or no experience with video games."

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