Saturday, May 13, 2006

Video Game News, May 13, 2006

LucasArts Plugs Artificial Intelligence Into Video Games
by Laurie Sullivan, TechWeb News 5/11/06
"When LucasArts releases the next Indiana Jones video game in summer 2007, the characters will move, act and think as humans."

Bill Would Ban Minors From Buying Some Games
KTAL 5/11/06
"A (LA) House panel has approved legislation that would prevent the sale of some violent video games to minors."

Marvel Hosts Game
Comic Books Bin 5/11/06
"With an ever-growing library of video games that allow you to take control of your favorite Super Heroes, adds a video game section to their Website."

Editorial: Want to Play Video Games? Empty your pockets
by Nick Chordas, Columbus Dispatch 5/11/06
"I own the consoles I want to own. I buy used games and trade for new ones. And now this: The ‘‘next gen" of consoles arrives with extravagant graphics, game-play options and — you guessed it — price tags."

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