Monday, May 01, 2006

Video Game News, May 1, 2006

University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana Undergrad Library Gets Games
EB Games in Champaign, Illinois is supplying a fantastic list of video games to this academic library.

Critical review of Smartbomb by Heather Chaplin
by Stephen Cass, Spectrum, May 2006 issue
"Smartbomb does miss a significant part of the video game landscape entirely: that belonging to the so-called casual gamer."

Video Games Help Musicians Get Their Music Heard
by Nathaniel West, Journal & Gazette Times-Courier 4/26/06
"It's a whole new way of marketing music."

Davinci Code Gets a Game but not M:i:III
MTV News 4/27/06
Cell phone game option only for the summer blockbuster.

Video Game Tax Suggested
by Elizabeth Pierson, the Brownsville Herald 4/27/06
Texas Senator Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa plans to propose a 5% tax on video games

Violent Video Games Not Reality
by Kaffie Sledge, 4/30/06
""Violent video games teach an unacceptable way of dealing with stress and anger," said Robert Carlson, a Columbus psychologist. "In the real world there are consequences.""

New Physics Chip Aims to Shake Up Video Games

Reuters, 4/30/06
"A Silicon Valley start-up hopes to introduce a lot of bounce, rattle and roll into the video game industry with a new microchip that makes virtual worlds behave as realistically as they look."

Kids and Violence: could video games be the culprit?
by 16Moms, WNDU 16 4/28/06
"Legislators in Washington and leading psychologists, fearing that video games encourage violence in kids, are calling on the gaming industry to improve its ratings system."

Violent Video Games
by Carissa D. Etters, Eyewitness News 9 4/27/2006
"A California representative says the video game industry improperly markets violent and sexually explicit material to children."

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