Friday, May 12, 2006

E3 News, 5/12/06

Washington Post Tech Blog

At Expo, Games Are Played and Opinions Aired
by Mike Musgrove, Washington Post 5/11/06
"One of the many attractions of the Electronic Entertainment Expo is trying to get the head guys at game console makers like Sony and Nintendo to talk trash about their competitors."

Gamester: Business is not all fun and games for 'X-Play' co-host
by Tom Leupold, Inside Bay Area, 5/11/06
"In the interview, which was conducted Friday, Webb shared her thoughts on Nintendo's new console and video game legislation, and revealed her secret love for Halo 2."

Video Games Industry More Than Just Fun...

Gulf Daily 5/11/06
"Video games are transforming technology, education and the US economy, a trade leader proclaimed yesterday at the world's largest computer games show."

Pixels Put on a Par With Paintings: Video games show off their artistic side in exhibitions
by Jose Antonio Vargas, Washington Post 5/12/06
"Are video games art? Dare to ask the question at E3, the mother of all video-game conventions, and you'll get an icy stare followed by a decisive, if not downright nasty, "Well, duh!"

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