Tuesday, May 09, 2006

News from E3: Day One

MTV at E3
PlayStation Underground

Video Games Take the Next Virtual Leap
By Chris Nuttall, Financial Times, 5/10/06
"Video games geeks may lose their image as couch potatoes if the new generation of video consoles catches on."

Sony Unveils Slick New Video Games for PlayStation3: Sets price at $499 to $599, to launch November 17 2006
by Dean Takahashi, Mercury News 5/9/06
LOS ANGELES - Aiming to hang on to the hard-core gamers that have propelled Sony to the top of the $25 billion video game industry, the company gave tantalizing demonstrations of the games planned for its upcoming PlayStation 3 game machine today as the industry's biggest trade show started in Los Angeles.

PRESS RELEASE: Nintendo Introduces the Next Leap in Video Games: Bold, Disruptive Approach Attracts New Players, Expands the Industry

PRNewswire 5/9/06
"Anyone can tell you how video games look. Nintendo wants you to experience how they can feel. "

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