Thursday, May 04, 2006

XBox Kiosk Donated

The Bloomington Public Library has had an XBox Kiosk donated towards their gaming efforts. The kiosk was donated by a local EB Games store. EB has been a great partner in their gaming efforts.

This is another reason for making community contacts with businesses and organizations. It is a relationship that really works for all parties, for we are trying to create a community of interest around the activity and media of gaming. Libraries are and can be a big player in developing that community along with businesses, schools, parks and recs depts., and other interested organizations.

~ Matt


Beth Gallaway said...


What are the plans for managing use of this as a workstation? full-lenght games, or trial? old Xbox? how many EBs are getting rid of these in favor of the new Xbox 360 model?

Matt said...

Currently, we don't have specific plans. The thought is that it would be put out on the floor in the audio visual area, the young adult area or our computer classroom.

The Library is currently under a major expansion rennovation project, so planning space for stuff is pretty much devoted to the construction.

As far as managing use, we don't know. Our current plan for usage of the kiosk is at our Game Fests ( here at the Library. It isn't all that easy to move, so it is tough to take it on the road with us to other community locations.

I'm sure that all of the EBs had to get rid of theirs. Ours was told to donate it, take it home or toss it.