Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Everywhere Now: Three Dialogues on Kids, Games, and Learning

From Monday, October 16-Friday, November 3, the MacArthur Foundation will be hosting a series of online discussions called, "Everywhere Now: Three Dialogues on Kids, Games, and Learning."

Dialogue 1: Power, Play, Participation-10/16-10/20

"This dialogue explores the forms of power players experience, reproduce, and generate through a range of gaming practices, from forms related to identity or community, to those enabled through activities like world-building, modding, and operating within a complex information network. . ."

Dialogue 2: Gaming Literacies-10/23-10/27

"This dialogue explores different domains of literacy emerging from what we might call a gaming attitude, an attitude tied directly to the creative qualities of play."

Dialogue 3: Pathways to Gaming-10/30-11/3

"This dialogue explores the different paths taken by young people, educators, and parents into (and out of) gaming, for there is certainly no single trajectory common to all players. If we are to try and grasp the impact and implications of games for a generation of kids who consider them a second skin, we need to better understand how players come to games in the first place, and the different pathways they take once games become a part of their lives. "

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