Sunday, October 15, 2006

Games on Demand... at the library?

"Games on Demand is the software company behind the popular Yahoo Games! Last year, Pasco County Libraries began working to implement this product at each of their libraries. In January, Pasco began using this product, and it has been quite successful..."

How cool is THAT?! No theft, no damage, no loss rate, no physical collections to manage... WOW! I subscribe to Game Tap and Game Fly at home - would love to get it through MY library though!

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Lucian said...

That looks pretty awesome - our library has a couple of computers dedication to learning video games for kids - the games are storybooks that the computer reads out loud. Every page has hidden things on it that kids can access by clicking on pictures. A lot of the kids games on Games On Demand look to be in a similar vein, but with more diversity, and probably with a lot more variety. Very exciting!