Sunday, October 15, 2006

Video Game News, Week of October 8 2006

Escapist issue #66

How to get lazy kids into the gym? Video games, of course.
ZDNet Eudcation 10/12/06
"Attempting to cash in on the teen obesity epidemic, one enterprising high school coach is using high tech to open the first interactive gym for teens."

Video Games: More than child's play for leaders
by Virginia Galt, Globe and Mail 10/13/06
"A growing number of companies are using game simulations as a management training tool"

Federal Judge Halts Law Banning Video Games
AP 10/16/06
"A federal judge in the Western District of Oklahoma has blocked a new state law that would prohibit the sale of violent video games to children."

’Second Life’ 3-D digital world grows
AP, 10/11/06
"Second Life" now has more than 800,000 denizens, of whom more than a hundred are earning a real-world, full-time living there... "

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