Saturday, January 28, 2006

Video Game News 1/28/06

Crime is OK, but Sex Isn't
Wired News 1/27/06
"The Los Angeles city attorney's office has sued the makers of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for allegedly hiding pornographic material inside the video game..."

Fighting Pain with Video Games
by James Brightman, GameDailyBiz 1/27/06
"Who needs aspirin when you can pop in a video game to distract yourself from your aches and pains? ..."
Original news story here.

ESA: 35 % of Parents Play Video Games
by Geoff Duncan, Gamasutra 1/27/06
"Thirty-five percent of American parents say they play computer and video games, according to a national survey released today by the video game trade body Entertainment Software Association (ESA) and conducted by Peter D. Hart Research Associates..."

It's Not About the Video Games
by Lindsay Wincherauk Vancouver 24 hours 1/27/06
"Until a few days ago my head was in the virtual sand about the proliferation of gaming (video games) and their impact on society...I remember playing Pac-Man for hours on end. Guess what? It didn't lead to eating binges."

Video Games Pump Up Music Sales

MIT Technolgy Review 1/27/06
"...major labels were missing out an opportunity to promote and sell music through games...expect to see more synergy between game and music companies..."

Nintendo GameBoy Sales Close in on 75 Million Units

Digital Home Canada 1/27/06
"Nintendo announced this week that combined sales of the companies Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS handheld were very strong in 2005..."

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