Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Video Game News, January 17, 2006

Escapist Magazine ISsue #28: For Great Justice
Abstracts on blog at http://blog.escapistmagazine.com/

Smart Bomb: Inside the Video Game Industry
Talk of the Nation 11/14/05
"The video game industry is home to a cast of characters as quirky, rebellious and diverse as the world they create. In her new book, Smart Bomb, author Heather Chaplin provides a behind-the-scenes look at the world of game developers."

Jack Thompson Blaming Video Games Again: Jack Thompson says that videogames are getting blamed for more problem children.
Gameshout 1/17/06
"In a recent letter to Take-Two Interactive, Florida-based Attorney Jack Thompson has demanded that Take-Two Interactve recall all of their copies if The Warriors, Manhunt, and Grandtheft Auto on all platforms from retailers by 5:00 P.M."

PCS WITH PS2S: Cops cut crime by playing kids at video games
by Lori Campbell, Daily Record 1/17/06
"Computer-game contests between cops and teenagers have helped slash youth crime on an estate."

Video Games Reach Record Sales Causing Concern Among Health Experts
by Sarah Dallof, KBCI 2 1/16/06
"2005 was a record breaking year for video game sales."

F9E's Jon Goldman on Games, Parents & Politicians
Game Daily Biz 1/16/06
"Imagine this horrific post-holi-daze scenario: presents have been unwrapped and mostly ignored -- all except for those addictive videogame systems."

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