Monday, January 02, 2006

Video Game News, January 2, 2006

Video games now a Trojan Staple
by Scott Wolf, Daily Bulletin, 1/2/06
"It only takes about two hours of practice per day for USC to be the nation's No. 1-ranked football team, which is fortunate for a large group of Trojans, who require eight hours a day to hone their favorite activity: Playing video games."

Are You Game? Online gaming gets popular with millions logged on at any given time
by Shaleen Aggarwal, Financial Express, 1/1/06
"A recent report estimating the revenues from US online gaming services to triple by the year 2009 had everyone in the industry talking."

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Edwin Mijnsbergen said...

I think that online gaming will even become bigger then this article reveals. It's always statistics referring to sales...but what about the millions playing illegal copies, with hacked online accounts?

Fascinating to see what happens in games like project entropia too: much more then a game already.