Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Video Game News January 31, 2006

U.S. brain training to begin this April and May
by Dan Choi Joystiq 1/30/2006
"Brain training is finally making its way to the DS..."

Nintendo's Revolution offers hope for disabled gamers
by James Ransom-Wiley Joystiq 1/30/2006
"With the possibility that many Revolution titles will be controllable with one hand, comes hope from disabled gamers..."

The Big Bang!
by Tom Storey OCLC Newsletter No. 267
" As Gamers and Boomers collide in one of the biggest culture clashes in history, society is being reshaped. What will the impact be on libraries?..."

Staying in the game
OCLC Newsletter No. 267
"...After a survey of more than 2,000 professionals and hundreds of interviews, [John Beck] is convinced that video games are not an insignificant pastime played by spike-haired nerds but a generation-shaping activity that, over time, will reshape behavior patterns, beliefs, arts, business, institutions├⃂├é—the entire culture..."

Blizzard vs. gaymers
by Vladimir Cole Joystiq 01/31/2006
"Sara Andrews was recruiting players for her gay-and-lesbian-friendly guild when she received a warning from Blizzard that if she didn't stop doing that, she'd be banished from the game...."

Sometimes there is a free lunch
by Clive Thompson Wired News 1/30/2006
"...If you really want to see innovation, there's only one place to go: Off the grid. You have to find game designers who actively opt out of the market -- by producing indie games they give away for free online...."

And for those who enjoy retro gaming there a short
Ready for an "Old School Revolution"?
by Dan Choi Joystiq 1/28/2006

*I apologizee for the proliferation of Joystiq news

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