Thursday, January 26, 2006

Video Game News, January 26, 2006

The Escapist Magazine #29: Virtual Coffeeshop now available

THQ Gets Rights for Video Games Based on the Movie Stormbreaker
IT News Online 2006-01-24
"THQ Inc. has received exclusive worldwide rights to develop and publish video games based on the forthcoming teen spy movie Stormbreaker."

Dance Dance Revolution Used in US State School Program
Gamasutra 1/25/06
"Game publisher Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. has announced a three-year partnership with the State of West Virginia whereby all 765 West Virginia public schools will be adding rhythm game Dance Dance Revolution to their physical education or health related curriculum based program within the next two years. "

Proposed Law Takes Aim at Violent Video Games
By Tim Higgins, Des Moines Register 1/25/06
"Iowa children would be banned from buying or renting violent or sexually explicit video games under legislation proposed Tuesday at the Statehouse."

PM Under Pressure on Video Games

BBC News 1/25/06
"Tony Blair has come under pressure to act on violent video games in the wake of the death of a teenager killed nearly two years ago in Leicester."

Video Games Are the Art of the Unnecessary
by Jason Ducat, Daily Cardinal 1/25/06
"This column runs every other week in the Arts section of the Daily Cardinal, but are video games really art?"

Iowa, Utah Latest States Seeking Violent Games Laws

by James Brightman, Gama Daily Biz 1/25/06
"Janet Petersen and Utah State Rep. David Hogue are both looking to institute violent video games legislation in their respective states."

Get Fit With Video Games
by PJ Hruschak, KGET-17 1/25/06
"This past week may have been the hardest I've ever worked reviewing video games."

Study: Violent Games, Aggression Linked
AFA Journal 1/23/06
"A study by a researcherfrom Michigan State University (MSU) and other colleagues found that violent video games lead to activity in the brain that is characteristic of aggression."

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